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James, the big bro, always so caring over Jaxson, the little bro. James is my whirlwind and Jax, well he is my calm. They balance our household just perfectly and with them here, life just makes sense.

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With a love of photography, decor and styling, I bring to you the latest trends. All kiddy and momma related. I struggled for a really long time finding trendy boys items and when i finally started finding them, I just knew i had to share it with all of you. Sometimes I blog, sometimes I forget to blog, sometimes I am organized and I take pics two days ahead of time to post. But I am just a mom, balancing it all and loving every moment of living my life with James and Jaxson.

Recent Posts

It’s never easy – especially the guilt. - Motherhood isn't easy. AT ALL. Whoever says it is, is probably lying or is a freakin' superhuman because i haven't met one mom that says it's all beautiful butterflies and roses. Mom-ing is damn hard. But with being a mom, comes a whole load of guilt. I have never had such a rush of guilty Read More
We Lost Our Baby : Part 1 - We Lost Our Baby : Part 1 I was never sure if I would write about all of this. Do I want the world to know? Do I keep it a secret? Did it even happen or was it some sick nightmare? Here I am, writing. Taking this word for word. I put FRIENDS on Read More
A Modern Mickey Mouse Party - We LOVE throwing parties and this is probably my favorite theme yet! We have such a love for Mickey Mouse right now and it's Mickey madness in our household so naturally, we went with the theme for Jaxson's first birthday party. A big thanks to all the vendors involved, especially Oh Yay Kids who designed Read More
Burnt Orange Rustic Room Inspiration : Jaxson’s new bedroom - Burnt Orange Rustic Room Inspiration : Jaxson's new bedroom I had a vision and mood board for this room and it came out even better than I expected. I have all these wonderful brands to thank for that. Just a little sidenote: I did not just get sent everything in this room. I paid a Read More
I have my boobs back - I have my boobs back Yeah, I have my boobs back. Jaxson Reid Kruger is officially weaned at 11 months. I always wanted to wean him at a year, but life decided it needed to happen sooner – and I am okay with that. 11 months is still much longer than most can hold out, Read More

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