A quarter of a year. Really? Can it be? Must admit, he was a much easier baby than James was. James took me to hell and back. Although, since he turned 3 months old, Jax decided to change the game.

Crying. Oh SO much crying. From him and from me. The dreaded witching hour arrived and it is killing me slowly to be honest. I am tired, I am drained and I feel helpless. Why does this kid have to cry so much before bedtime? Doesn’t matter what I do, how perfect his routine is during the day, 7pm comes and the screaming starts. Usually only 30 minutes so I am pretty lucky, but trust me when I say that those 30 minutes feel like a lifetime. The constant screaming, not crying, screaming that comes out of those little lungs petrify me and I feel numb. What do I do? What can I do? Eventually i realize, nothing. Nothing I do is going to make this go by faster. I remember this witching hour with James SO well, only, James cried 3 hours each evening. 3 hours, 30 minutes, you still feel just as helpless. (Tips? Any advice? All is welcome!)


Besides that, things are going great. He is picking up weight really well and James has adjusted to having his little bro around. James has realized there’s times to be quiet and how to be gentle. He has even asked to change Jax’s nappies, and I let him, but obviously I am there to help. James taps Jax’s bum when he is crying and even runs around the house looking for a dummy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all moonshine and roses. James had his days where he wants to be the baby. He wants that undivided attention too. We honestly try our best and so far it’s working out quite alright. If you have any tips with dealing with a toddler while trying to give attention to a baby – please let me know! All advice is welcome.

Jax is finally getting some personality and the giggles, smiles and coo’s definitely make up for the hardships. “Momming” must be the hardest thing I have ever done, but i would not change it for the world. Happy 3 months Jax! Let the next three months be just as entertaining. (I’m pretty sure it will be!)









2 thoughts on “And then Jax turned 3 months old”

  1. My dogtertjie is ook nou 3mnde…en is ook ons 2de baba. Sy maak verseker ook baie makliker groot as die 1ste dogtertjie ☺.
    Ons het ook daai 6uur huil buie….wat my ook bietjie laar kop krap…wat kan dit wees…in ons geval is dit krampies..van opgeboude winde na die dag voedings. Ek gee Bennets Colic rn dan ry ons fietsie met die beentjies. Dit werk baie goed vir ons en ons is van ñ half uur huil na do 5min huil toe.
    Hoe weet ek dis krampies. As sy neergele word wanneer sy so huil trek sy haar beentjies op tot teen haar lyfie.
    Raad op toddler vs baby…hoe om aandag situasies te hanteer…geen idee…dit is die gedeelte wat my klaar maak…en hartseer…want my oudste moet eweskielik verstaan hoekom haar mamma wat allesvir haar kon gee en doen wanneer sy my nodig gehad het..nou moet wag met tye. Dit maak dit net makliker om te hoor ons is nie alleen nie en dat due aanpassing normaal us in almal se huise.

  2. The three month milestone is definitely an achievement for us moms. I remember thinking ‘YAY, I kept this tiny human alive for three whole months. I rock!’ My journey of being a first-time mom has definitely been one hellavua rollercoaster ride that’s for sure. Everyone gives you advice on how to get baby to sleep better or burp better or heaven forbid how you should ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’, but they never have advice on how to cope with the exhaustion, the constant crying and the loneliness. I’ve been through the same crying marathon with my son and for a woman who is usually the ‘fixer’, I had never felt that useless and helpless in my life. Then I discovered the magical closet that we call “The Mighty Shower”. My son was instantly calm, stopped crying and passed out with little to no fuss. I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but it works. I hate giving advice so that’s my suggestion:) If you have a shower head that can adjust to different flows then start with the gentle massage (or Builder’s Warehouse has a great selection without breaking the bank). For some reason my son loves the feeling of the water on his back. So much so that he even falls asleep in the shower sometimes. I know it doesn’t sound like much now, but things will get better. Hang in there mom, you’re doing a great job:)

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