It’s holiday and having a (nearly) 3 year old and a 3 month old can make it quite challenging. I have a couple tips for some holiday fun that I can share with you and we can start off with this gingerbread family kit from Connies Cakery. The box includes 4 adult size gingerbread biscuits, 4 “kid” sized gingerbread biscuits, smarties, piping bag and a bag of icing.

James enjoyed it thoroughly and it kept him busy for a good 45 minutes. Hi mixed the icing himself, helped me pour it into the piping bag and added the smarties/astros where he thought they should go. I took some photos of the process since photos explain some things better than words do, so have a look and enjoy!

This is definitely a tradition I want to continue with the boys. Just so special. Do you have any Christmas traditions in your home?

2 thoughts on “Holiday Survival”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous little boy, thanks for sharing some holiday fun baking tips for my family to start, we usually do an evening dinner actually midnight with light food or snacks xxx hope that family tradition share was good, lot’s of love Lana

  2. Cute Little Boy. Looks like he is having fun doing the decorating.
    One way to keep the little ones busy 🙂

    Cant wait to see how the Gingerbread houses turned out Connie

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