It was time for a change

You know, i started this with NO intentions. It was fun, i enjoyed meeting all these local brands and i loved showcasing everything i bought from them. Slowly but surely it turned into a blog where i can chat and get real with you guys. Then, i started getting a little more serious. Then a lot. Then the requests came – “What is your rate card?” I was stunned to say the least. How did we get here? How did this grow so much? I was in awe.

Since the boys have now become a brand, i moved away from the “Raising Little James” everyone knows so well. They see “Raising little” and they knew it was us! But as the industry grew, the name became a popular name under new mommy bloggers and i had to move, for the sake of our brands, “business” and originality. So here we are, just using the kids names and I am in love! By now, you all know the name James really well and you getting used to the added “Jaxson”.

Family shoot-13

We thank ALL of you, because with all our followers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. You MADE James and Jaxson. All the support, comments, likes and loves. And man, we appreciate every single one of you.

We are so thrilled about this new journey and all the new and exciting things to come. With our new look, we will also be running a massive Christmas giveaway that will knock your socks off. Gotta give back to our amazing followers! Stay tuned, there are great things on the way!

Love the new look? Let me know in the comments!


Family shoot-19

11 thoughts on “It was time for a change”

  1. Wow. Love die nuwe naam. 💙💙

    Love elke post.

    Ons kids deel name. James
    Perfect name for the most perfect little boy. Myne word al amper 7.

    Love being a mommy and love following you. Keeping it so real. Awesome.

  2. Love is a understatement!!!!!!!! Good luck with your new jouney. YOU have been such an inspiration to me… ever since I read about your journey with infertility – I went through it myself. But I am now 24 weeks pregnant!!! Your Instagram page content is absolutely beautiful and you are the most amazing mom! Thank you for making me feel positive when I feel like I’m losing it…. x

  3. Congrats!love the name,it speaks volumes and tells people who u are and what u are about…real and raw life experience s raising a toddler and a baby…the good the bad and the ugly and everything in between.keep keeping it real and fun👏🏽😘❤️🙏🏽

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