Jaxson’s Nursery Is (Finally) Complete

I just loved working on this little (or big) project with a whole lot of talented makers. It was incredible seeing everything coming together exactly like I envisioned! Every single maker played such a special role in this room and i am extremely proud of everyone for making such beautiful items to go in his room. But a massive thanks goes out to Simply Child – they created the beautiful compactum and peg board shelf based off some photos I sent them. I was literally speechless when i put the items up. Why? Well their craftsmanship is just THAT amazing. Grant did one excellent job in making my Pinterest dreams come true! (and i gained two extra friends along the way 😉 )

Makers involved :

Simply Child

Foreva V



Olly Polly

Scandi Home Decor

Tiny Tiger Kids

Tiger Lily

Rose & Vickory

La Fede

Petit Bunny

Kikki & Franki

Little Love Kids

Miniture kids furniture & décor​

Watercolour Heart​












So what are your thoughts? Love it, hate it? Dont be shy! Let’s have a chat! And feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Love, James and Jax’s mom



25 thoughts on “Jaxson’s Nursery Is (Finally) Complete”

  1. Can I come live with you til baby comes pleeeeease? I will just lie in this room and breathe. I feel like everything in the world would be easier if I could <3 Beautiful beautiful space. Well done!! x

  2. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Love all the little details but that wooden board is my best!
    I heard the other day that monster leaves (is that the same plant in the nursery?) are bad around animals? I’m not sure about children… So weird!

    1. Hehe 🙂 A lot of things are toxic to dogs that arent toxic for us. Avo’s are extremely toxic for them but for us it’s super healthy. The delicious monster is a great plant to have in your home – it generates fresh oxygen and clean air 🙂

  3. Hi there! Your nursery is absolutely beautiful! I love it 🙂 where did you get the square white dipped storage baskets from that are in the compactum? Thank you! X

  4. I absolutely love this room! Stunning!! There is nothing I would change!
    Please will you let me know where the grey and white cot mobile is from and the tent above the cot!

  5. This gorgeous nursery is the inspiration for my baby’s nursery! I’m just hoping I can bring enough decor and baby items up to Zambia with me to make it look somewhat decent. Well done – I absolutely love it!

  6. Hi Chenel

    Absolutely love everything about your nursery. Job well done.

    I have quite a few questions.
    First of all, where dit you get the dipped square baskets. It definitely can’t be Simply child, as they only have dipped belly baskets. The blocks with Jaxson’s name on them, where are those from? Furthermore the prints with writing on them, where are they from and also the dipped wooden leaf. Then the wooden changing box on the compactum, where is that from? Awaiting your response.

    1. Hello!

      Dipped square – Simply Child. Maybe email them?
      Name blocks – work of heart but she imigrated. Try Bear and pine, they make gorgeous blocks!
      Prints with writing : Little love kids
      Dipped wooden leaf : Rose and Vickory.
      Wooden changing box on compactum – also simply child 🙂

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