Man, you know i love me some matchy-matchy sneakers.

James and I probably have around 4 pairs that match. I started loving sneakers shortly after finding out i was going to be a boy mom. I kept thinking about all those Pinterest images of those boys wearing similar outfits to their moms and was like “Yeah! That’s totally going to be me.” #NoRegrets


The Index, newly launched by Spree, is your one stop sneaker and street wear destination. They have brands like Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Vans, New Balance, Kappa, Puma, Fila and Converse. For men, women and kiddies too!

I browsed through The Index for hours looking for the next perfect “Mother and Son” pair of shoes. After a few clicks i found the babies i wanted – ┬áThe Stan Smith Adidas Originals. Clicked some more to check if they had the same pair for James – and there they were! Perfect little mini-me shoes. Big 7 for mom, Kids 7 for James. ADD. TO. CART.


Is there anything better than the smell of brand new sneakers? Even better when they delivered to your door, and you open it like it’s a present sent from you, to you. And by the way, Spree delivers so fast and it’s packaged so beautifully – 10 out of 10 for service. Nothing pains me more than deliveries that take way longer than it should of.


The Index is super easy to browse through and a very efficient check out. Sneakers are for everyone – don’t think you can’t pull it off. The variety on The Index is incredible – there is something for everyone. I dare you to try it. Once you get your first pair of sneakers, the addiction starts. Be warned! #SneakerAddict



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