I have so much on my heart and I need to write. Need to vent, need to explain and i definitely need to find a way to calm down. People think blogging is easy. What i do is easy. They think i have the best life just getting everything i want at no charge. Are you absolutely out of your mind? Have you no clue how much work goes on behind the scenes? I have written about this before but since there is people who still think I am this self-entitled little spoilt blogger, I want to shout it from the roof tops. THIS IS MY JOB, just like your daily job, THIS is mine.

Blogging isn’t easy. It isn’t moonshine and roses. I have to put in one extreme amount of time and effort and I do it to reach my goals. My goals of being a truly successful blogger that people look up to, enjoy and want to read about. I crave success and i crave reaching my goals, so I put up with the stress, time and effort that comes with the territory.

We have so many brands relying on us. They rely on us to help them launch products, expand their business and grow their clientele. It’s a pretty big responsibility! I run through checklists in my head, constantly worrying if i have done enough, or if I am slacking. And guess what? I don’t even get paid to do it!

That’s right, i don’t charge, i don’t have a rate card and i don’t offer packages. We get sent stuff to review and promote. So essentially, the stuff i get is my payment. My hard earned payment. We have been working with bigger brands lately and with bigger brands, come bigger responsibility. It scares me but excites me too! I absolutely love what I do and would not want to have it any other way. Maybe one day i can be super successful and start charging and generating an income from this, but for now, I love where I am. I love the friendships I have built with clients and I love how happy they are when i (finally) post images or the long awaited blog review.

Taking pictures of a toddler is no joke. Throw in a little baby? Gosh… Madness. But we try! We try every day to be the best we can be for the companies we love. I work my ass off every day because my success does not come from just sitting around, hoping opportunities will fall in my lap. I seek opportunities and grab them with both hands and my friggin feet.

I am not sure if these hateful feelings and obvious dislike from people come from a place of jealousy or maybe they are just THAT oblivious, but I can tell you this : Success is a DECISION. In every work field you get people who succeed and people who fail. What is the difference between them? Privilege? Money? Well i came across the following article :


#1 : Successful people accept responsibility for their failures; unsuccessful people blame others

#2 : Successful people continuously learn; unsuccessful people fly by the seat of their pants

#3 : Successful people ask how they can help others; unsuccessful people ask how they can help themselves

#4 : Successful people are always looking to better understand themselves; unsuccessful people don’t care about introspection

#5 : Successful people listen first and never stop listening; unsuccessful people talk too much

#6 : Successful people keep a positive attitude; unsuccessful people get negative too often

#7 : Successful people are committed to gratitude and acts of kindness; unsuccessful people put themselves first

#8 : The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is how we manage challenges

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy, to be looking for it.”


3 thoughts on “This is a job, not a easy way to get free shit.”

  1. Your blogs and day to day posts are inspiring! I am also a mommy of two (very busy) boys. It is nice to know that although people around us think everything is so smooth sailing there is someone out there who is not scared to say how crappy it can be some days. Someone who is not scared to sugar coat shit and to make the rest of us in our crazy lives feel that it’s all normal and not every day is going to be rainbows and unicorns.

    Thank you for being you and for being an incredible to many others out there!

  2. Mmmm, fair enough. Why you act so entitled? Why you keep saying it’s such hard work? Why you do it if you complain about it being hard?
    “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”-Confucius
    Also why you keep looking for affirmation from people you don’t know? You have no self-confidence. It make me sad when people use position of power for own agenda.
    You are good at what you do, don’t let it go to head. Stay grounded. It’s far way down.
    (Also proof your copy and paste-not reasons between)

  3. Love reading your post, some I can relate to, some I never thought off. But still surprise me where you get the time. I have so many articles in my head to write, things Ive learned things I feel need to share. Maybe I can help even if its just one mommy.. But with a little one, barely sleeping, in my arms the whole day, struggling with reflux, finding the right milk, 4 hours sleep a night and endless doctor visits to get answers. With only one little human, Im in aawww where you find the time and the damn good job you do with this blog.

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