With a week to go to, i can finally share my hospital bag. I made lists and lists and lists and put in and packed out, but i think I am finally happy with how it is. I tend to get a little OCD with things like these and i will lie awake at night wondering if i am missing something! Mind you, we only live a street away from Durbanville Medi Clinic and hubby can go home and collect something for me if needed but my mind will not register it that way. I need it with me, right there and then! (Crazy lady, i know.)

So i have three photos here for you. Picture Nr.1 is my stuff in the bag, Nr.2 is a picture of Jaxson’s stuff in the bag and the other is obviously a little flatlay for what James will be wearing and Jaxson’s first outfit. Here we go! Be warned : I am excessive!!



  1. Nursing bra from Sophie and Jane
  2. Night Shirt from Pick and Pay (and a couple that looks similiar from Woolworths)
  3. Fox Slippers from Woolworths
  4. Granny panties from Woolworths
  5. Deodorant, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, body cream, brush and hair ties.
  6. Carriwell after birth panties (So sexy! – noooottttt)
  7. Breastpads
  8. Facecloth
  9. Lanolin Nipple Cream
  10. Travel size bottles filled with shampoo, conditioner and face cream.


So what did i pack for Jaxson?


Yeah i told you i am excessive.

  1. Couple of outfits for in-hospital.
  2. Coming “home” outfit from Little Handmade.
  3. Dove wet wipes
  4. Huggies newborn nappies
  5. Ben Rabbit bum balm
  6. Ben Rabbit swaddle, ForevaV swaddle, Little Handmade swaddle and a Woolworths knitted blanket.
  7. Kippin with a Natursutten pacifier attached that i bought from Gnash Kids
  8. A few bonnetts.
  9. Milestone cards from Mayalief
  10. Bunny from Olly Polly


And for James and Jaxson’s first outfit?


Totally cute right? Outfits are from Tiny Tribe and

teddies are from La Fede.

So am i missing anything? LET ME KNOW PEOPLE! I have one week left! Think it’s too much? Yeah don’t worry i think so too. 😉

x o x o

James and Jax’ mom

11 thoughts on “What’s in my hospital bag?”

  1. Looks like you are sorted! The only thing missing are those awful, massive maternity pads- two packs. If you are keeping it real :), oh and ear plugs / eye mask if you aren’t in a private room. Good luck with the birth of Jaxson! I love his going home outfit, gorgeous!

  2. Take burp cloths too (newB makes personalized ones)! It helps prevent baby from ruining his cute outfit ? Also a towel for his first bath.

  3. Hi!
    Your bag looks great! I’m definitely taking some tips from yours – I have a few months to go still before my bag has to be ready, but I also have the lists and lists…

    My recommendations: add a dark washcloth to your own bag. I used my lighter coloured one for my face and the darker one for the rest of my body 😉 I also found a gorgeous Nursing Cover to be ideal for visiting hours when baby wants to feed.

    Good luck!!! xxx

  4. Love it, im putting off packing my hospital bag because im so late, and I haven’t gotten all of my stuff yet, iv got most of it but still need some more.
    I love that there is a colour theme going on with the three pics. Id love for you to check out my blog

  5. lol… you got everything right, even though you are still going to get most of the stuff at the hospital it’s always best to take everything with. all the best!

  6. Lol… It’s always like this the first time but your bags are perfect! Though you still going to get most of the stuff at the hospital it’s always best to take everything with. All the best!

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