Oh boy, I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for this…

You know, i was chatting to a couple brand owners the other day and the topic that came up frequently was “social media influencers and bloggers”. A new brand will pop up on Instagram and it’s like moths to a flame! First “bloggers” start showing a little interest. Then the company gets the dreaded influx of messages “Do you want to send us products for some exposure?”. Companies are overwhelmed with messages like these and it honestly gets under their skin. I have been blogging a year and a half and not once have i gotten myself to be THAT forward and send a little abrupt message like that. Maybe i am shy or just not confident yet but it’s a big no-no to me. Is that weird?


So now these business owners are in a rock and a hard place. Say no to the mass of people asking for freebies and risk getting shunned or give everyone free stuff and go bankrupt before even launching? I sat there reading a message from this business owner, where she feels she wants to give up before she even starts, because no one offered to purchase something but rather wants it for free. My heart bled for her! It’s not right.

I’ve heard from business owners ( that were asking for advice) that bloggers beg for freebies to review on their blogs and events to attend. Personally, if I were a business looking to connect with bloggers I would be discouraged to work with someone who bombarded me with “Send me free stuff” messages. Greed is not pretty. Greed also doesn’t get you anywhere in life. Get to the back of the queue and wait patiently. Good things come to those who wait. Let the company come to you! Are you blogging for the right reasons? Are you in it for the free stuff? Go think about that for a second.

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I started off purchasing so many items last year. I bought everything we wanted and needed and only after a few months, companies started asking if they can send goodies for pictures. It made me so happy that they WANT me to promote for them. I was finally reaching my goals! From there, i STILL continued to buy products. Ask any company we rep for, i probably have purchased from them more than what they have actually sent. We actually believe in their products and enjoy having it in our home.

It’s probably human to love free stuff. It’s natural to get excited about receiving goodies, but there’s also the balance between what is appropriate and what is considered to be fishing for free product, and just plain greedy. Blogging has become so valuable to companies but it has to be done right.

So, for companies to give out a free product, there has to be a return on investment expected in one form or another. Do you have quality followers? Are your pictures something they able to use? Do you know how to market the product? It’s not just taking pictures of your kid and posting it with a couple of hashtags. Those pictures need to be good enough for people to WANT that product you are showcasing.

If you are a small blog and you trying to improve, download your stats and have them handy and make a good proposition to the company you want to review. A simple “Do you want to send me free goodies?” message won’t cut it. They need to know what they will get out of the deal, how it will benefit them, how you post your reviews and your average reach per post.

Blogging is a skill. There’s so many people that just want to start “Cause hey, look how much free stuff that person gets!” Does not work that way. AT all. You need to know HOW to blog and HOW to promote. It also takes some time to improve that skill.

I have always said this over and over and over throughout my journey : Support local, don’t exploit them. Especially new businesses. And even if they cannot give you free things, support them anyway. What if the shoe was on the other foot? What would you have done? Blog for love, not for stuff. #OverAndOut

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7 thoughts on “When bloggers get greedy”

  1. Ohy my gosh. Was having a very similar conversation with a fellow blogger the other day. The issue is a lot of new “bloggers” popping up with the wrong intention of just wanting to get free stuff. All their posts are product related – nothing to really do with parenting or being heartfelt. You can spot those “type” of bloggers from a mile away. I think their is a misconception of what blogging etc is? You have to earn your stripes before you could even start to approach brands with a proposal.
    Great read – and spot on with soooo many points.

  2. Chenel, all I can say in response to this article is “thank you”
    I am one of those creators who get those emails from blogger moms. And I have never been able to just hand out free products because each one of my items are bespoke made, on request, on order. I sometimes wish people could spend just one day in my life and see exactly what goes into making my stuff and how long just one item takes. Not hours, but literally days. People ask for stuff without realising the true value thereof. Because of the nature of what I do, I am unable to give to bloggers at leisure. And because I can’t, I also don’t get the publicity most brands do get. It’s very very hard to compete with this. It’s sometimes a very cruel and unpleasant place, this thing called social media and everything that goes with it.

    Like what you said: “what if the shoe was on the other foot…”


  3. When I started I was constantly in this situation. And how dare we say no? Right. Its so difficult for a startup brand because to the world this is how it works. I love that you tackle the taboo topics. Thank you for always sharing light on topics that we are “forbidden” to chat about. X

  4. I hope a few local bloggers read this! As a new mom that follows a lot of bloggers, it’s so transparent when a blogger is greedy and is essentially only blogging for free stuff.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the brands, the exposure is important. But the constant brand push just for the sake of it – is just too much and so transparent, especially when it’s all that is featured – no real life articles – when after all I’m on the blog to relate and learn from a mom. Not buy more stuff.

    So thanks for keeping it real!! Xx

  5. Great thought provoking post friend!

    I’m on the other side where brands want your platform in exchange for their products .

    Some things I don’t mind doing exchange for, but it’s got to serve my platform and readers well and vice versa.

    Always good to remember your intentions behind what you do and create ?

  6. Yes. Yes. Yes I’m so many levels. Honestly, it’s so damn disgusting. As a content creator (who employed bloggers) and now a mommy blogger I honestly feel that if brands should be approaching you based on a) your voice and perspective and b) your audience. The problem with bloggers becoming greedy or just getting into it for the free stuff is that they say yes to every brand (or approach every brand) and not every mommy brand is the correct fit for every mommy blog. T

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